The main differences between Wedding and Elopement photographers:

Yes! It’s all about getting married and saving the memorie, but differences in between are HUGE.

When in a wedding photography session the photographer meets you a few times to prepare all the photo’s details, then edits, and then reveals; for Elopements, the photographer is all-involved in the whole planning process, guiding you to get what you are seeking.

Usually, for your wedding, you contract a planner who puts all together, place, food, contracts the photographer of your choice after presenting you some options, but a specialized elopement photographer will be the one to help you find the perfect location, connect with vendors, and make the timeline for your day, it’s important to reach out to them as early in your planning process as possible so they can help you with the rest. 

A wedding might be a big party, among family and friends, and the photographer will capture every moment of you (the couple) and guests celebrating your love, details of the event, decoration… An elopement is a “getaway wedding", an intimate ceremony in a beautiful remote place where love and the couple is the only thing to be focused on.