The Magic of Intimate Wedding Photography in Miami

Intimate wedding photography in Miami is all about capturing the special moments of your big day. While getting married and preserving memories are the same, the differences between traditional weddings and elopements are significant.

Traditional Wedding Photography

In a traditional wedding photography session, the photographer meets with you a few times to prepare for the big day. We discuss details, take the photos, edit them, and then reveal the final results in a session at our studio.

Elopement Photography

For elopements, as the photographer, I am usually involved in the whole planning process. I guide you to get exactly what you're looking for and connect you with partners who can help create your vision.

Intimate Wedding Photography

Intimate weddings fall between traditional weddings and elopements. You may hire a wedding planner who will guide you through the whole planning process, or if you decide to plan it yourself, you might use a wedding day coordinator. When the bride prefers to plan the wedding herself, I always recommend having a friend or a day coordinator to manage the event, allowing the bride to enjoy her special day.

How do you know if you want an elopement or an intimate wedding? The number of guests is a good metric. If you are planning to have more than 10 guests, your wedding is considered intimate. With fewer than 10 guests, it may be considered an elopement.

I remember being part of an elopement where, in addition to being the photographer, I was also one of the witnesses. There were only five people at the ceremony, including the couple and the priest.

The Role of a Wedding Planner vs. an Elopement Photographer

Usually, for a wedding, you hire a planner who coordinates everything. They handle the venue, food, and contract the photographer after presenting you with some options.

A specialized elopement photographer, however, helps you find the perfect location, connect with vendors, and create a timeline for your day. It's important to reach out to them early in your planning process so they can assist you with everything.

The Photography Part

A wedding might be a big party with family and friends, where the photographer captures every moment of you (the couple) and your guests celebrating your love, including the details of the event and the decorations.

An elopement is a "getaway wedding," an intimate ceremony in a beautiful, remote place where the focus is solely on the couple and their love.

Whether you choose a traditional wedding , an elopement or an intimate wedding me and my team will capture the essence of your special day. With Miami's stunning backdrops and our personal touch, your memories will be preserved beautifully.