BOSSBABES everywhere

Women’s day around the world arise articles of all kinds and it is always an opportunity to

rise awareness on certain aspects of a women’s lifestyle.

Regardless of the differences between the new and old generations, we women are born as

bossbeauties since the beginning of the times. Unlike previous generations, most of us have

had working mothers. As daughters, we were brought up within the struggle of balancing family

and a career. We know firsthand the pros and cons of having a full-time working mom and the

decisions associated to that choice.

Women all around the world are decision-makers. It is a skill we develop throughout our

lives: we are born bossbeauties.

From a young start we are modeled by a woman making decisions about logistics, financial

planning, shopping, dinner, wardrobe, play dates, homework, house chores, hygiene habits, and

giving us life-coaching guidance on some of the most relevant matters including clothing.

The truth is that our mothers may have made many decisions for us, but way before we

enter adulthood, we will be faced with our own first decision: our style.

The conundrum of all of these becomes clear to me when I’m invited into a woman’s closet:

from a young age most of women have either been told what to wear or where not to wear it.

Therefore, we haven’t developed a sense of what we like.

Thousands of women reach adulthood without knowing how to express and reveal their

personalities through their clothes. For some, fashion made it easy while we were teenagers

because regardless of how we look according to fashion trends, we are eager to fit in. However,

once we start growing up, we start to develop a more sensible sense. We no longer want to fit

in. We want to belong.

Styling our wardrobes is like learning a language. It is one of the most effective ways of

communication because our image will speak way before we get the chance to open our

mouths, hence: it is very important to use it correctly. There is no such thing as a bad or good

outfit, there is just the right or wrong context for it.

We recognize our own kind through style, not through fashion trends. Style is rooted to our

personality. And style is not fashion nor merely clothing. We reveal our style through our

professionalism, by the way we build our relationships, by the way we express our ideas and

feelings. The tricky thing is that our style needs to transition throughout every stage of our lives

while remaining connected to our true self.

Style is not a destination; it is a journey.

Let this March 8 th be the beginning of your journey and the revealing of your true self.

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Happy woman’s day from UPPERCASE… to all BOSSBEAUTIES everywhere.






Sophie Kissling