Why our Complimentary call is so important

Our Complimentary Consultation is the first part of our Boutique Service, and one of the

most important in the whole process.

It's simply a conversation before you hire me as your photographer to discuss what the

goals and expectations of the service will be, and see if we are perfect match. We'll

talk about the who, what, where, how and when, which helps to inform you about the 3

P's (Prices, Process and Products) available based exclusively on your needs.

This session usually last 15 to 30 minutes and can be done in-person or by Video-call

as you prefer. It will help Us to reduce the stress, talk about ideas that will help me in

the creative process, and also talking in advance about pricing will help you to work on

your budget without any hidden fees.

I believe that when you know the details of our services, this knowledge helps you to

make the best decision and fairly compare our offer with the market. This is why, based

on the information you provide in the first call you will always receive a starting price

and not the full quote for your event or Photoshoot until we schedule the Consultation.

Are you thinking about having a photoshoot this year or event the next? Don't wait until

last minute. Schedule your complimentary Consultation today and start planning, so at

the end, you'll be sure that either Us or another Photographer friend was YOUR best

decision. This is the best thing about getting the CC, and is that you have not

obligations with Us.

Information is power and the power to make the best decision will be always yours.