We are looking for Women who want to participate in a BRANDING PHOTO SESSION FOR A PERSONAL TRAINER. There is no Body shape, or age requirements.

These images will be used by STEFANIE TEJADA and her team to promote her Brand as a Personal Trainer and may be used by ORIANA HIGUERA PHOTOGRAPHY CORP. as part of their professional portfolio.

Ladies to be selected must be available on SUNDAY AUGUST 20TH, 2023 at 2:00 pm in Broward. (Address will be provided soon)

Please read all terms and conditions. For your time you will receive:

3 OR more photos from the photosession of yourself.

3 Training Sessions with Stefanie Tejada.

If you have some questions, you may contact Us at 786.4472462 / 786.8068767

I understand, this Project is property of Stefani Tejada Professional Tariner as part of her Marketing Strategy for her bsuiness.

I authorize Oriana Higuera Photography Corp. and Stefanie Tejada, concerning any photographs and videos that she has taken of me to use and publicize in any format (Social Media, Website, Media, Prints, etc).

I understand I won't receive any kind of MONETARY compesation for my participation in this Session, I shall never demand any type of installment from Oriana Higuera Photography Corp. or Stefanie Tejada.

I, Understand Oriana Higuera Photography Corp. May use my images as part of her portfolio and may send them for competitions with no obligation to share any type of Prize (If any) with the Model.

I Understand there is no monetary fee for being part of this session. And I'll receive only the goods or services offered in this aggreement. I may be able to buy with no obligation any addittional services offered by the parts.